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This Sonic and Cammy fan-film only gets weird after the S&M scene

Sonic and Cammy, a two-part video series by YouTube user David Orel, looks like yet another generic work of Sonic slash-fiction — so far as slash-fiction involving a talking hedgehog and a leotard-wearing British martial arts expert can be generic.

Sonic and Cammy

But after a weird S&M gag — I can't believe I'm writing this — the story becomes a road movie, overloaded with wacky hijinks and soapy melodrama. The story twists and turns by the minute, adding and abandoning genres. One minute, Cammy adopts a cat. The next minute, everyone's in space. The next minute, there's a funeral. For milleniums, drama has relied on the three and five act structures; Sonic and Cammy operates on the infinite act structure. That this video went relatively unseen for over a year is proof YouTube must hire someone to curate its wealth of surreal Sonic material

Credit for this find goes to Jay Simon and Kotaku's Chris Person, who has put together a collection of the finest moments. Beware of spoilers, because yes, this is a fan film with spoilers — countless spoilers.

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