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The original Killer Instinct 2 may be coming to Xbox One

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Killer Instinct 2, the 1996 arcade fighting game from Rare, may be coming to Xbox One, according to a recent rating from Korea's Game Rating and Administration Committee.

The rating lists Killer Instinct Classic 2 for Xbox One, and follows a similar naming convention from the previous release, Killer Instinct Classic, which was included as part of the Ultra Edition version of Double Helix's Killer Instinct reboot.

Killer Instinct 2 introduced four new fighters to the franchise: Gargos, Kim Wu, Maya and Tusk. Maya will return as a fighter in the modern version of Killer Instinct in its second "season," developer Iron Galaxy announced at Evo 2014. A re-release of the arcade version of Killer Instinct 2 alongside the new Killer Instinct's second season hasn't been confirmed, but the playable perk fits with Microsoft's promotional plan.

TJ Combo, a fighter from the original Killer Instinct, is also confirmed to return during the game's next season.

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