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You'll still get to customize your Dragon Age: Inquisition story, but later than expected

Dragon Age Keep, the companion web experience that allows players to tailor story choices from across the franchise for Dragon Age: Inquisition, will roll out later to accommodate for the game's delay, BioWare announced today.

Originally expected to launch Oct. 7, Inquisition is now heading to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Nov. 18. BioWare has adjusted the launch date, which is still unknown, for the Keep accordingly. Players are promised access to the service before the game is released.

"We still plan to launch ahead of Dragon Age: Inquisition, giving you ample time to establish your world state ahead of time," the update reads. "The exact date is still to be determined and will depend on how the beta progresses. We'll continue to release information over the coming weeks, providing updates as the beta progresses."

The closed beta has also been extended. Anyone hoping to join can apply through the service's website.

Dragon Age Keep was announced last August. It allows players to change "as much or as little" as they want about how characters were modified, romance options, recruited companions and more. Cloud-based access also allows players to explore different scenarios from the previous game to examine the different consequences.

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