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This prototype lets you play virtual tennis on your Nexus 5 using Chromecast mirroring

A prototype for the Wii Sports-like iPhone app Motion Tennis has been designed for use on Nexus 5 mobile devices using Chromecast's mirroring feature.

Last year, developer Rolocule brought the tennis game to Apple users using App TV and iPhone AirPlay Mirroring so that players can use the handset as a makeshift tennis racket. The company is doing the same thing using Google's Chromecast, a digital media player developed by Google, which features a screen mirroring system.

That mirroring system lets Android phones and tablets push their live view to television sets wirelessly, meaning you don't need to add any specific Chromecast support anymore.

You can check out how it runs in the video above. Keep in mind, it's still a proof of concept and there's some noticeable input delay. The beta is available right here.

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