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Shulva, Sanctum City 2 - Tower of Prayer

Walk down the stairs to your right, where you'll see a new kind of horror: a lizard with poisonous statues on its back. The statues don't take damage, so you'll need to aim a projectile weapon at the lizard itself. Once dispatched, loot the two corpses on the landing for a Throwing Knife x 20 and a Cracked Red Eye Orb x 5.

Hug the wall to your left, round a corner and wake and kill a sleeping soldier with a mace. Proceed down the staircase, but beware that there are archers prepared to shoot from a distance. Before you make your way up the path toward the archers, take a look to your left. Head toward the staircase, but go to its left instead where you'll find a corpse with Magic Bolt x 30. Now head up the stairs.

Continue straight, past the door on your right, to find another corpse, this time with a Sanctum Mace. Be careful, because right about now an knight or two may have chased you. Make your way back to the path from which you came and kill both. Enter the door on your left, where there may be a stray knight waiting at the left to ambush you. In this room, there's a bunch of empty pottery and a hole. No need to fall down there. There's an easier way to get there, and we'll make it in time. Continue through the doorway opposite that which you entered and pillage a corpse for Dried Root x 1, which restores HP for a long period. Walk back out of the building and along the path leading to a hill.

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King - tower of prayer 2

It's best to pick the two archers off from a distance, because they're not the only ones you'll face along this path. The Long Bow + 7 you picked up earlier is the perfect tool. No particular elemental effect — fire, magic, poison — seemed to have any more effect than the other.

Continue walking and wake the sleeping knight with the lance and shield. Kill him and then make your way back up. Kill the archer hiding behind a pole on the right side of the path. Pillage the corpse resting against a pillar to pick up a Lloyd's Talisman x 3, which prevents Estus recovery in a limited area. Continue walking, and you'll raise another sleeping knight with a lance and a shield. Kill him, too. Pillage another corpse for Twinkling Titanite x 3.  Move around the back of the building to activate another switch and watch another structure rise.

Make your way back down the way you came and use a projectile weapon to hit the two switches after the bend to your right and one in the distance to your left. Raising these structures will make any return trips here much easier, because they obscure your position from the two snipers.

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King - tower of prayer 3

Continue all the way back down to the first Switch. Instead of hitting it, jump off the edge to its right and land on the platform. Run and jump to the next platform toward a corpse holding Darknight Stone x 2, which adds Dark damage to equipment. Jump back to the platform you came from, and walk down an edge to a platform with a staircase attached. Kill the soldier at the bottom left of the staircase, enter the doorway, kill another soldier, and then exit through the other doorway, which will lead you back on the path between the staircase with the lizard and the hill with the snipers. Make your way back up the hill, stopping around where the sleeping soldier was.

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King - tower of prayer 4

With the structure at the top of the hill to your left, look beyond the edge of the cliff to a row of red-eyed statues. Use a projectile weapon to destroy them and hit the Switch behind them. Collect Torch x 5 from the structure that rises, cross it and kill three lizards with poisonous statues on their backs. In the room with the tree-like horror, pillage the corpses for Notched Whip + 7 and Dried Root x 3. Hit it with the whip, and it'll repair your items. Kill the tree thing, and you'll collect Dried Root x 3. Make your way out of the room and back to the structure on top of the hill.

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King - tower of prayer 5

Inside the structure is another lizard with poison statutes on its back. Kill it and climb the rock ladder inside his room. Walk atop the three structures you surfaced with the switches, following the corners to each. Jump to the fourth. Peer over the edge of the last structure and use a projectile weapon to shoot the switch below and to your left. Jump onto the structure that surfaces, walk in the door and light the bonfire at The Tower of Prayer.

Dark Souls 2 Crown of the Sunken King - Tower of Prayer 6

Walk out the other door in the room with the bonfire, turn left and walk off of the ledge. Turn right and walk off of that ledge. At the bottom of the staircase, walk straight ahead into the building and get Rusted Coin x 10 from the corpse there. Walk back out the door and hang a right. Before crossing the bridge, hug the wall to your right, smash through the pottery and continue on to find a corpse carrying Focus Souls, a Sorcery that fires a focused beam of souls. Make your way across the bridge, fighting the two soldiers there or entice them to follow and fight you off the bridge. Welcome to Dragon's Sanctum.

Proceed to Dragon's Sanctum 1 - The beginning or return to the index.

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