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This laser-etched map of Zelda's Hyrule is going to sell out fast

The bad news is there were only 10 of these available and, after this writer made an immediate purchase, only nine. The good news is that Neutral Ground, a New Orleans-based "digital woodshop," will offer an unlimited amount alongside an upcoming Kickstarter, at an indeterminate time in the future.

Woodlands: Hyrule is a laser-etched wood map by designer Alex Griendling. The 24" x 18" birch plywood panel features a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time variant of Hyrule designed and illustrated by Griendling, with notable details like Hylian captions for the items and surprises "like Lord Jabu-Jabu in Zora's Fountain, and the Royal Family's tomb in the Kakariko Village Graveyard," Griendling writes.

Video of the laser etching process is available below. If you're quick, $190 plus $15 shipping and handling will secure one of these for yourself.

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