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Capcom had no major releases this quarter but it's still not sinking, according to financial results

Capcom's latest results for the Q1 2015 financial year reveals an increase in operating income in the face of a quarter with no major releases.

The company notes a drop in both sales and net income, which is offset by a rise in operating income based on repeat sales.

Sales for this quarter were down 7.8 billion yen to 9.6 billion yen compared to the same period last year. Likewise, net income saw a drop of 63 million yen to 765 million yen. Operating income rose from 1.27 billion yen from last year's 723 million.

"Although sales declined due to a lack of major titles, operating income increased on highly profitable repeat sales and cost reductions in each business segment," Capcom explained.

Despite the quiet period, Capcom expects a significant boost later this year with the upcoming November launch of Monster Hunter 4G in Japan.

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