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Sharknado: The Video Game lays waste to Manhattan, iOS, common sense

In our latest attempt to truly confound the aliens that are monitoring our planet, last night the people of America made some popcorn, snuggled up with their loved ones and delighted as tornados filled with sharks destroyed its most highly-populated city.

Also, Biz Markie stabbed a shark.


Last night's premiere of Sharknado 2: The Second One left not only watery, sharkey rubble in its wake, but also an endless runner that's now available on iOS.


The game, developed by Other Ocean of Dark Void Zero fame, features:

  • Hitting sharks with a baseball bat
  • Riding a shark in a tornado while killing other sharks with a chainsaw
  • A dull, gnawing sense that human existence was supposed to amount to something more than this
  • Microtransaction chum
It is available now for $3.

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