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Vin Diesel is the Muzzy of our generation

Guardians of the Galaxy opens tomorrow, and Marvel feels confident enough in the film, which stars a talking tree and a raccoon with machine guns, that a sequel already has a release date. For now though, let's enjoy this video of "Groot" voice-actor Vin Diesel reciting the character's signature line in multiple languages.

"It's the first time I ever did a movie in multiple languages," Diesel told Jimmy Fallon during an interview on the subject.

Going back into a recording story to re-record dialog, in case it wasn't captured properly on set or to change things for different markets, is called "looping." In many cases soundalikes are brought in to save the cost of having to pay someone like George Clooney to spend a day or two saying a few lines.

In this case the character only says one line, with different inflections: "I am Groot." It was worth getting Diesel's signature growl in when it required relatively minimal time and work.

Oh, and he wore stilts to feel like a tree. Because actors.

Diesel showed off his ability to deliver the line in multiple ways on The Tonight Show.

This isn't Diesel's first spin around the world of voice acting, as he provided the voice of the robot in the criminally underrated Iron Giant. Still, this is interesting stuff and shows how much grunt work goes into the production of a huge, international film.

That pun was intentional, by the way. Soak it in.

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