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Dragon's Sanctum 4 - Lair of the Imperfect

This large water-filled cave is crawling with armless creatures that resemble Jurassic Park's version of purplish chickens that drop items like Petrified Dragon Bone and Titanite Slabs. They're aggressive both with physical attacks and their ability to shoot Dark magic from their snaggletoothed mouths. Good news: You can use their aggressive nature against them.

Before we get into strategy, become familiar with the attacks you'll need to watch out for when fighting what may be the most dangerous enemies in Crown of the Sunken King:

  • Bite. If you're close and in front of them, they'll bite you, lift you up and shake you. And then you'll probably die. If you see that head moving, back away. The best part about avoiding this move is that their heads will be stuck in the ground for a few seconds, which is prime time to attack.
  • Horizontal headbutt. They swing their massive heads from left to right, clobbering anything in their paths. The move is deadly, but relatively easy to avoid. It only goes left and right, so put some distance between you and them to can avoid it.
  • Jump. They jump, they disappear off your screen, and they land on your head. When they jump, start rolling back to escape their targeting.
  • Ground pound. They pound on the ground with their feet, alternating left and right, usually in sets of two, but sometimes in sets of four. Keep your distance because not only does getting stomped hurt you but being in the radius of the stop can deplete your stamina and stun you. The good news is that they're vulnerable for a few seconds after this move, so it's a good time to attack. Just make sure you don't move in for the kill if they've got more stomps for your head.
  • Dark magic fireball. From a distance, they can hurl a giant orb of Dark magic your way. It travels slowly enough to roll out of its path, but it also includes and area of effect damage, so you may need to roll twice.

Since the Lair of the Imperfect is filled with water, your movement is restricted, and it makes sense to kill them from a distance. Attract and coax the closest monster back toward the relative safety of the door you used to enter the area. Watch the video below for a melee-based strategy.

Kill the first monster. Walk, hugging the right wall, to pillage a corpse with Petrified Dragon Bone x 3. Turn around 180 degrees from the corpse, looking back toward the entrance, and head to a corpse with Human Effigy x 3.

Lure the remaining dinosaur chickens back toward the door, using the same strategy for each. Use Amber Herbs to replenish your spells if you run low. On the opposite side of the stalactites directly across from the door, pillage a corpse with Dried Root x 2, which slowly restores HP. Find and destroy the last dino-chicken, who will be happy to follow you back to to the doorway. You are now free to roam the area and pillage the last corpse for a Soul of a Great Hero, which contains 20,000 souls.

Light the Lair of the Imperfect bonfire — the second in Dragon's Sanctum — on the wall on the opposite side of the door from which you entered.

Run like hell rightward away from the bonfire avoiding the creatures, and you'll see dry land. Walk up the staircase in the structure and activate the contraption, which will create a bridge high above you.

Lair of the Imperfect - bridge

Head into the doorway to your right and take the far path to pillage a corpse for a Drakeblood Greatsword, which has simultaneous magic and lighting ATK bonuses. Good news: you can use the Petrified Dragon Bone you picked up on your way here to level up the sword. And if you're running low, you can buy the item from Stone Trader Chloanne in Majula at 17,500 apiece.

Turn around, reenter the room you came through and hit the switch to summon an elevator. It stops on a floor with another elevator, but before taking it up, walk out the door and pillage the corpse at your left for a Human Effigy x 1. Take the other elevator up, and you'll find yourself in the room with the pit right by the first bonfire at Sanctum Walk. If you in the sections ahead, it's far easier to return to from Sanctum Walk than from Lair of the Imperfect, what with its dinosaur evils and all.

Take the elevator back down, and cross bridge to return to Dragon's Sanctum proper.

Proceed to Dragon's Sanctum 5 - Sanctum Interior or return to the index.

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