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Agitha from Twilight Princess is no pushover in Hyrule Warriors

The latest trailer for Tecmo Koei and Nintendo's hack-and-slash collaboration Hyrule Warriors highlights Agitha, the ten-year-old self-proclaimed "Princess of Bugs" from 2006 title The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

In her original Twilight Princess appearance, Agitha collects Golden Bugs, which the player can hunt down and bring to her in exchange for Rupees and a bigger wallet to carry them in. But in Hyrule Warriors, Agitha's passion for bugs extends to her combat abilities. The little girl uses her parasol as her standard weapon, smacking enemies around the battlefield, but she can also summon bugs to fight alongside her. Agitha can call to her a massive beetle to clear swathes of enemies or ride around the ring on a giant butterfly.

Check out the trailer for the game's first original character, Lana, as well as vignettes for The Legend of Zelda franchise heroes Link, Zelda and Impa. Hyrule Warriors will launch on Sept. 26 exclusively for Wii U.

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