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Shovel Knight has a secret mode that replaces some nouns with 'butt'

Yacht Club Games' Shovel Knight digs deep into classic game conventions, making the game a love letter to old-school NES titles. But what the game likely didn't borrow from its predecessors is it most hilarious Easter egg: Butt Mode.

Butt Mode replaces many of the game's common nouns with the word "butt." Shovel Knight becomes "Butt Butt." "Fate" becomes "Butt." Shield Knight is "Shield Butt." And so on.

To activate Butt Mode, players can enter "WSWWAEAW" or "X&BUTT" when naming their save file. This will allow for endless hours of hilarity, but be warned that Feats — Shovel Knight's achievement system — will not be available to player while a cheat code is activated.

Shovel Knight was funded through Kickstarter last April; The game exceeded its funding goal of $75,000 and pulled in $311,502 from close to 15,000 backers. The game is available now for Nintendo Wii U, 3DS and Windows PC — for more details, check out our review.

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