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Warhammer 40K fan film The Lord Inquisitor gets new teaser

I am the Hammer, I am the edge of His Sword.

Warhammer 40K fans have have been salivating over unlicensed film The Lord Inquisitor (as evidenced by its nearly 60,000 Facebook likes), and they now have a new taste of it to savor. "Grey Knights," which you can watch above, is a teaser from the project, helmed by Crytek artist Erasmus Brosdau.

The Lord Inquisitor has been in development for over three years, but the seed of the idea dates back to 2010 when licensed film Warhammer Ultramarines left many fans cold.

"Fans hate it because the graphics and the story are so bad," Brosdau told Polygon. "I know the guys who made that film, and you can't blame anyone. It's just a mix of wrong decisions and a lack of resources from the beginning."

Impressively, the above sample was rendered entirely in realtime, using CryEngine Cinebox. Brosdau says that switching development to the as-yet-unreleased Cinebox will "help the project out a lot."