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InSomnia playable tech demo now available

In honor of the game's Kickstarter campaign reaching half of its funding goal, Studio Mono released a playable tech demo for its upcoming dieselpunk tactical RPG InSomnia.

The tech demo is available to download through the Kickstarter page. Players can download a zip file directly or import it through Dropbox.

"The team and I are amazed by the level of anticipation and love shown for our game. To be 50 percent funded in ten days is really exciting," lead designer Anatoliy Nekrasov said in a press statement. "To celebrate hitting the half way mark so quickly, and to show our gratitude, we've decided to release the first playable tech demo as a big thank you to all of our backers."

Studio Mono pulled InSomnia's Kickstarter campaign down last November after it failed to gain traction with backers. The studio chalked this up to a failure on their part to explain what the game actually is. In InSomnia, players make their way through a massive, half-abandoned space station called The Ark. Players will explore the Ark and combat any enemies that come in their way as the vessel makes it way to an evacuation point that will turn the story's tide.

InSomnia's Kickstarter was relaunched last month. The game will be updated regularly, according to Studio Mono, and will ship with a 15-20 hour main campaign and 20-30 hours of side quests.

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