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Check out this reimagined video game box art

Fan art is one of the more popular ways the video game community shares its love for beloved titles, but graphic designer Yolanda Tamayo's collection of reimagined video game box art is on a whole new level.

Inspired by games like The Stanley Parable, Plants vs. Zombies and Dead Rising, Tamayo's collection puts different spins on each game's marketing. Dead Rising and Papers, Please, for example, have a more propaganda-like feel, while Plants vs. Zombies is reminiscent of classic horror movie DVD covers. Her Child of Light art remixes the game's frequent use of stained glass windows, while her Catherine poster is a simple, elegant statement capturing the central theme of lust.

Check out Tamayo's full collection on her DeviantArt page. More of her art and illustrations are available at her personal website.

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