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'Dota Dash' mod brings kart racing to Valve's MOBA

A modder in the Dota 2 community has figured out a way to introduce some basic kart-racing mechanisms to the game to create 'Dota Dash,' a tribute to the Mario Kart series set entirely in the game.

The mod uses the regular Dota 2 camera angle and does not feature as many courses one would expect from a full racing title, but it does offer shells, banana peels and other features familiar to the Mario Kart series.

For more information on how to install or play the mod, see Dota Dash's page in the Steam community forums.

This isn't the first Nintendo/Valve mashup imagined by the community; a month ago, this YouTuber's video looked at what would happen if Valve made a Smash Bros. using its stable of characters.

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