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30th Tetris anniversary inspires the creation of a playable Tetris T-shirt

To commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Tetris, developer Marc Kerger created an interactive T-shirt that allows the wearer to play Tetris on their torso.

"I always wanted a playable T-shirt, well now I made one myself," Kerger wrote. The Tetris shirt is comprised of an Arduino Uno microcontroller, 128 LEDs and is powered by two AA batteries. The T-shirt doesn't play the game's iconic music; however, it can be Flashed to play other games with. You can watch the playable Tetris T-shirt in action in the video above.

The Tetris Company and Ubisoft announced in January that Tetris is headed to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this summer and PC this fall for the game's 30th anniversary. Tetris Ultimate, Blue Planet Software's multi-mode version of the classic puzzle game, is slated to launch on PlayStation Vita in fall. You can learn more about Tetris' history in creators Alexey Pajitnov's own words.