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Command & Conquer multiplayer is saved following GameSpy shutdown

Fans of the Command & Conquer series have launched a new multiplayer server for a number of games in the strategy franchise following the shuttering of GameSpy's servers earlier in the year.

C&C: Online is a free emulation of the original GameSpy servers for the Command & Conquer games affected by GameSpy's closure. This includes Command & Conquer: Generals, Command & Conquer: Zero Hour, Command & Conquer 3, Command & Conquer: Kane's Wrath and Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.

Those interested can sign up for free by registering with Revora.

Fifty titles from Electronic Arts, including those from the Command & Conquer series, were affected by the termination of GameSpy's hosting service.

GameSpy Technology, a service that provides multiplayer functionality like leaderboards and matchmaking to many titles, announced in April that it would shutdown hosting services as of May 31. At the time, an EA spokesperson told Polygon that it "worked with GameSpy for an extension of online services on EA titles until the end of June to give our players more time to enjoy the online features as we investigate community-supported options".

Electronic Arts canceled the development of a free-to-play release in the series last year before disbanding its Los Angeles based development team Victory Games. The game, simply titled Command & Conquer, was originally announced at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards as Command & Conquer Generals 2. It was later rebranded as a free-to-play, multiplayer-focused real-time strategy game and positioned as a service that would add episodic content, new factions and a single-player campaign.