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Check out these Mario Kart 8 hacks

Mario Kart 8 has been hacked, according to a YouTube video from MrBean35000vr published over the weekend.

Based on a browser exploit, the hack lets you modify Mario Kart 8's memory on the fly. Press play above to see the hackers modify the Moo Moo Meadows track to play the final lap music during the first lap, rename levels, corrupt fonts and more.

The hackers admit that the proof of concept "may not look impressive," but that's in part because this was their first attempt.

"All of this may not look impressive, but it's merely because we don't even know where to start; we can do anything now, anything at all! Custom tracks, custom songs, you name it," the YouTube video's description reads. "We just have to decipher the RAM and work out how."

For more on the game, you can read our Mario Kart 8 review and watch the Overview video below.

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