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CivCraft: What happens when you mash Minecraft and Civilization together

Minecraft players hoping to add a sprinkle of strategy series Civilization to their experience can build up cities and more with an open-source, server-side mod called CivCraft.

The mod, which had its 1.0 official release in May following a long beta period, is intended to create a new experience for Minecraft players. From a first-person perspective, players craft tiered items, sell and buy goods and earn money.

"Combining creativity and a goal oriented experience will give players the drive to keep playing," the mod's site reads. "The hard earned resources you gather are now rewarded in a complex trade driven survival economy server. We want to take the creative spirit of Minecraft and give it a competitive feeling so that players can take greater pride in their accomplishments."

While the mod adds aspects of Civilization, it also removes regular Minecraft components such as diamond and gold armor, villager trading and regular spawns. Players shouldn't work to control an entire civilization, but are encouraged to band together to form larger settlements.

The CivCraft mod is available to download on its official website. Pictures of the mod are available on Imgur.

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