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Divinity: Original Sin has kick-ass boss battles; watch one now

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That is a skeleton riding a mech. And the mech has a giant skull of its own. And claws. And giant, motorcycle-esque exhaust pipes.

The weird monstrosity you're looking at is one of the first boss battles in Divinity: Original Sin. I've been really pulled into this game's combat in general, but the boss fights especially add new layers to the complicated, turn-based RPG battles.

You can watch my approach to this tense battle in the video above. It's not the smoothest fight ever, but I show off some of the cool things Divinity offers, such as the ability to summon a giant spider companion or conjuring a rain storm inside of a cave to help put out the fire that this boss spews all over my party members.

Watch out for a full review of Divinity: Original Sin on Polygon coming soon.