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The Talos Principle gives you a robot body in a digital, ancient world

Croteam's upcoming first-person, philosophical puzzler, The Talos Principle, will be a "close match" to sci-fi novelist Philip K. Dick's oeuvre, writer Tom Jubert announced via the PlayStation Blog.

The game will share the same engine as the Serious Sam games — the first-person shooter series from Croteam — and has "its roots in experimental puzzle mechanics."

"In The Talos Principle, you inhabit a robot body in a digital recreation of the ancient world, and explore at the behest of an omnipresent voice in the sky," Jubert wrote. "We're keeping our cards close to our chest on this one, but you could say Philip K. Dick's oeuvre is a close match for our general motif. We hope there's loads here to dig into and piece together if you're so minded, but equally if you're just here for the puzzles it won't get in your way.

The Talos Principle is expected to launch "later this year" for PlayStation 4, as well as Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam. The game was announced at E3 2014 and is being published by Devolver Digital.

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