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BioShock Vita could have been a turn-based game set in pre-fall Rapture

Ken Levine still wishes that he could do a BioShock game on the PlayStation Vita, according to a series of recent tweets from the game designer, outlining that he envisioned a Final Fantasy Tactics-style game set in pre-fall Rapture.

Levine tweeted that Sony and developer Irrational Games' parent publisher 2K Games couldn't put a deal together when he "last checked" and that the two companies "seemed way more optimistic about this back in 2011." He added that he wished he could undertake the project himself "but lawyers and all that. I still love my Vita."

When asked what he had in mind for BioShock Vita, Levine wrote that he was considering a pre-fall Rapture setting with the style of the Final Fantasy Tactics series, a tactical role-playing franchise that traditionally features turn-based combat on isometric battlefields. Ultimately, Levine wanted a game that would translate well on the Vita while not being "a compromise in any way."

Last July, Levine revealed that he was still actively pushing for a PS Vita BioShock game and that he had spoken with both Sony and 2K Games about the project. Levine stated at the time that he was trying to get both companies to sign off on the project.

The game was first announced during Sony's E3 2011 press conference as an original title set in the BioShock universe. Levine told Polygon in February of last year that the PS Vita BioShock game was in the hands of "business guys" and that there was no progress on the title.

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