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No Man's Sky will have a 'traditional' multiplayer component

No Man's Sky will have "traditional" multiplayer elements, developer Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray told GameSpot.

The the open-galaxy space exploration game isn't about pairing players up like massively multiplayer online games, but that doesn't mean it's devoid of  those concepts. "This is not a game about forming a clan or allegiances, right?" Murray said. "But it has some MMO-esque mechanics, I guess."

Players may be scattered to all corners of the galaxy, bumping into each other as they explore, but Hello Games also plans to include a more familiar multiplayer component.

"There is this thing, which I'm not going to talk about now, that is a plan for multiplayer and for people to have a more traditional multiplayer experience within the game," he said. "And that's something that we'll deal with further down the line that is exciting. But that is not what's core to the game right now."

For more on what you'll do in No Man's Sky, be sure to read our E3 2014 in-depth coverage, which includes an interview with the developer.

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