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StarCraft 2 contest lets you play free finalist arcade games

As part of's "Rock the Cabinet" contest, StarCraft 2 players can play 10 different arcade games selected as finalists through the game's menu.

Players can check out Hover; Impossible Bosses, in which teams fight powerful monsters; mech-based battle game Iron Fire; turn-based role-playing game Rogue Star; Star Party, a collection of mini-games; and Templar TV, where players fight off waves of enemies. Other games include capture-the-flag title Unreal Arena, boss-driven game Ultimate Boss Battles, top-down shooter Airstrike and free-for-all battle arena GridFall. Check out all 10 games in the video above.

For those who don't own StarCraft 2, the arcade is free; those interested can install the free Starter Edition of the game and access the full arcade. Players are then encouraged to vote for the final five games of the contest; those who play all 10 games and vote will have the chance to win prizes such as vinyl figures, a plush or a hoodie.

Voting is open now on

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