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Japanese players will need to pre-order The Evil Within to play the uncensored version

The Japanese version of Tango Gameworks' The Evil Within will require additional downloadable content if players want to experience the original uncensored — and far bloodier — version, ZeniMax Asia general manager Tetsu Takahashi told Famitsu.

The Gore Mode DLC for The Evil Within — called Psycho Break in Japan and slated to launch in the territory on Oct. 26 — will be available through pre-orders. The version that will ship, without the DLC, has been cut to fit Japan's ages 17-and-up Cero D rating. The Gore Mode DLC increases the rating to Cero Z, or ages 18 and up.

The decision to cut the game to meet lower Japanese ratings was due to sales: Advertising for a game with a higher age rating limits the audience Tango could reach, Takahashi explained. This in turn would limit sales. While both Cero D and Cero Z versions passed Japan's ratings tests, Tango decided to release the Cero Z version as DLC as a way to incentivize players who want the full viscera-drenched experience to pre-order.

Takahashi asserted that the game will play the same with and without Gore Mode — the core experience remains unchanged. He said that the DLC will make Japan's edition of the game more closely resemble that of its overseas, non-censored version, which features elements of psychological thrillers and a whole lot of mutilated corpses.

The Evil Within will launch on Oct. 21 in North America for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

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