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Microsoft Flight Simulator tech to power 2015 game from Train Simulator dev (correction)

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Dovetail Games, creator of the Train Simulator franchise, will develop and publish games using technology from Microsoft's long-running Flight Simulator series, the company announced today.

The first of the new games with the licensed engine is planned for a 2015 release. As a result of the deal, Dovetail will also bring Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Gold Edition to Steam. Released in 2006, it's currently available in the Microsoft Store for $29.95.

"We are very proud of the strong community we have created around the Train Simulator series of products, and we are looking forward to extending our knowledge and experience into working closely with the flight simulation community," Dovetail COO Steve Bainbridge said. "We know that they are a very knowledgeable, passionate and committed group of individuals and we welcome their feedback and involvement as we start to create the next generation of games in this area."

Correction: A previous version of this article's headline said that Dovetail would be making a Microsoft Flight Simulator game. A representative for Dovetail clarified that the game due in 2015 will be made with Microsoft Flight Simulator technology but not be released as a Microsoft Flight Simulator game.

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