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Xibalba is a free hit of FPS nostalgia

Xibalba is an oddly beautiful FPS from developer PhobosLab. It has the chunky, blocky look of Eldritch or Minecraft, with a distinctly old-school FPS flavor. It feels like it came right out of the early 90s, when we called games like this "Doom clones" and the BFG was the epitome of FPS weapon design. There are no stealth mechanics, no weapon crafting, no advanced AI — just several stages of shooting monsters in the face, in a series of corridors modeled after forests, dungeons, sewers and bunkers.

As you can tell from the gameplay video, the sound design is layered and effective, and the sparse story is surprisingly evocative. The game has come a long way from its birth as a 7DFPS game jam — project, where participants made FPS games in a strict 7-day time limit.

You can play Xibalba for free in your browser, or on an iOS device.

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