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Ultima Forever comes to an end months after closure of EA Mythic

EA will shut down online services for Ultima Forever on Aug. 29, the company confirmed on the game's official forum.

The decision follows the closure of developer EA Mythic in May as part of an ongoing push to concentrate mobile game development in other EA studios.

"This was a very difficult decision for us to make," reads the post. "We've seen the game through ups and downs, and hope that you've enjoyed playing it every bit as much as we had making it! Through it all, it's been players like you who've made it all worthwhile."

Over the next month until its closure, rewards will be boosted, equipment degredation will be disabled, gold key drop rates will be increased and the in-game store will no longer sell premium currency.

Ultima Forever follows on 21 years after the events of Ultima 4 with players handed missions by the daughter of the now-retired Lord British.

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