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Dragon's Sanctum 5 - Sanctum Interior

This is it: the last phase, the final salvo, the path that leads to the reward you seek.

Enter the first room and turn right to enter the next. Fall down the hole there to land on a broken staircase. Leap across a gap to the next staircase to save fall damage and walk off the end of that staircase. Exit through the door, turn right and hop off the ledge. Take the pathway to the end and walk off.

Walk up a short set of stairs. In the doorway beyond, there's a Black Drakeblood Knight with lots of HP. Lure him out of the room for battle, using the pillars to hide behind and refill your health as necessary. Be careful of his willingness to break your shield stance and leave you defenseless. Fight from a distance using ranged battle when possible.

Dragon's Sanctum - crystal lizards

Head into the room where the knight came from. There are two paths, both of which are blocked by circular contraptions and potentially plenty of loot to be gained.

Lock onto the knight on the upper level behind the left door and kill him with ranged weaponry, watching out for the Sanctum Repeating Crossbow (which occasionally does Dark damage) he'll use to return fire. Step on the Flower Switch in front off the door three times to move its contraption. The door behind holds three treasure chests, each containing absolutely nothing.

Behind the right door is an empty room, but above the doorway are four Crystal Lizards. Step on the Flower Switch in front as many times as necessary to spook them out of their hiding place and then attack as many as you can with a weapon that has a low swing or a ranged weapon. Individually, they contain:

  • Twinkling Titanite x 2 and Old Mundane Stone x 2
  • Twinkling Titanite x 2 and Faintstone x 2
  • Titanite Slab x 1 and Firedrake Stone x 2
  • Raw Stone x 2, Petrified Dragon Bone x 2 and Titanite Chunk x 3

Exit the room, turn right, walk to the end of the hall, turn left and walk off the broken bridge. After descending a short set of broken stairs, take the right path to find a corpse with Hexing Urn x 10. Continue down that corridor, take a left and fight off another Black Drakeblood Knight.

Dragon's Sanctum - bonfire

Walk down the broken staircase on the wall behind where the knight was standing. Take a left away from the light, walk down the hallway and take another left. About halfway down the hallway, press A/X along the wall to reveal a hidden room containing the Sanctum Interior bonfire, the third and final bonfire in Dragon's Sanctum.

Walk out of the bonfire room, turn left and descend the stairs to lure an aggressive knight up. Descend the stairs again, and you'll find yet another Black Drakeblood Knight just to the left of the bottom of the stairs. Once both are dead, take a left at the base of the stairs and then another left into a room with several empty treasure chests. Collect a full set of Drakeblood Armor from a corpse.

Sanctum Interior - jump platform

Head back to the bonfire and replenish. Take a right out of the bonfire room and head down the hallway toward the burning torch. Walk off the platform behind it. Descend a short set of stairs and walk off another crumbling platform to reach ground legs. Run and jump off this platform toward the corpse with Vine Balm x 3. Take a left, fight another Black Drakeblood Knight, then return to the hall to fight another. And another. Pillage the remaining corpses in the area for Twinkling Titanite x 3, Large Soul of a Brave Warrior (8,000 souls) another Twinkling Titanite x 3 and Small Smooth & Silky Stone x 5. Return to where you landed and jump toward the crumbling pillar and continue down until you reach ground level at Dragon's Rest.

Use a Human Effigy to summon other players or the NPCs Steelheart Ellie and Benhart of Jugo and head through the fog to fight Elana, Squalid Queen, who wields sorceries and pyromancies. As with the other boss battles, distraction is key. When she summons other enemies, it's best to have some players attack and distract them while one or two continue to fight her. When she's defeated, you'll receive Soul of Elana, Squalid Queen.

Dragon's Sanctum - Elana's door

Walk through the passageway that opens in her lair and light the Sanctum Nadir bonfire. Ahead is a fog wall. Summon players or the NPCs Abbess Feeva and Transcendent Eddie, and head through to fight Sinh, the Slumbering Dragon, equipping the items that offer you the best fire defense. Aim for his tail when possible. And collect Yorgh's Ring ring at the northwest corner of his lair, which can deflect spells.

Collect Sinh's soul and the Crown of the Sunken King to complete your journey. Return to the index.

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