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Shulva, Sanctum City 3, Cave of the Dead 1 – Priestess' Chamber

From the Tower of Prayer, head out, down and across the bridges to the first room in Dragon's Sanctum. Open the door in the first room with the Eternal Sanctum Key.

In that room, you'll find five treasure chests guarded by two Dark Sorceresses wielding powerful hexes. Kill them both and loot the chests to collect Dried Root x 1, Dried Root x 2, Dried Root x 5, Lightning Clutch Ring x 1 (which increases lighting attack but reduces physical defense) and Dried Root x 2. Climb up the stone ladder at the far end of the room. And then climb up another another stone ladder.

At the top of that ladder, you'll find three Spider Flies ready clinging to the ceiling, just waiting to ambush you. Take them out.

Cave of the Dead - bird's eye view

Climb to the top of a third stone ladder and open a chest for a Sanctum Shield, whose most notable property is its ability to act as a catalyst for miracles and sorceries. Walk out the door to optionally light two torches using a Flame Butterfly (you'll need to return to a bonfire if you're out). Over the railing, you can see the Sanctum Walk bonfire. Walk around the corner to your left, and you'll see another bonfire in the distance. This is your goal. Head back down the ladder prepared for a fight.


Turn left at the base of the ladder and head across the bridge, where you'll be informed that you've just reentered Shulva, Sanctum City, and Rockshield Baldyr will invade your world. He wields a round shield and a spear and isn't afraid to use either. Perhaps his most notable trait is that he throws Lloyd's Talismans to prevents Estus recovery. You can still rely on your lifegems (and presumably spells and miracles).

Head across the bridge and light the Priestess' Chamber bonfire, the third and final bonfire in Shulva, Sanctum City.

Hit the Switch at the mouth of the cave beyond the bonfire to call the stone elevator. Stand on the pressure switch in the middle of the elevator to take it all the way down to the room just around the corner from the Sanctum Walk bonfire. Either way, make your way back to the Priestess' Chamber bonfire and head through the path beyond the bonfire to enter the Cave of the Dead or return to the index.

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