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Toy Soldiers: War Chest heading to PS4, PC and Xbox One next year

Signal Studios and Ubisoft will release the next entry in the strategy-based tower defense Toy Soldiers series, Toy Soldiers: War Chest, for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One early next year.

In War Chest, players will choose from one of four armies and face off against oncoming waves. Classic soldier Kaiser will return as a playable hero, while new heroine Starbright will round out the roster, along with the game's other unannounced options. Each character will have unique armies and weapons to attack with, in addition to their own campaign.

toy soldiers war chest

War Chest marks the first time the series will be available on the PlayStation platform; previously, Signal partnered with Microsoft to release Toy Soldiers and Toy Soldiers: Cold War. According to Signal Studios founder D.R. Albright III, partnering with Ubisoft allows the developer to create the game it "had always envisioned."

"Gamers of all ages can play as and face off against toys familiar to them from their childhoods to recreate the battles from their imaginations," Albright said. "Fans will have a great time learning how each army plays and the individual strengths of their troops and weapons."

Our hands-on impressions of the game will be available later this week.