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Night Trap ReVamped aims to reanimate the FMV classic via Kickstarter

We've been documenting one Polygon staffer's (it's me, hello) shameful addiction to FMV games, most all of which have been shelved in the dark corners of gaming history just behind the dust-covered Game.Com systems. But if one FMV game has persisted in the zeitgeist, it is Night Trap, the campy quest to save Dana Plato and a houseful of co-eds from the relentless advances of the vampiric Augers.

Now, the game's original creators have launched a $330,000 Kickstarter to remaster the game from the original source and present it in high definition on consoles and PC. If this trial is successful, the newly-formed Night Trap LLC says it wants to bring other gems from the Digital Pictures library (which includes Corpse KillerSewer Shark and Supreme Warrior) back to the market.

According the Night Trap ReVamped Kickstarter page, "We are also considering the creation of Night Trap II, although hopefully we will come up with a more clever title."

The project has 29 days to meet its goal, the fulfillment of which would conclusively prove the existence of a benevolent higher power that wants us, their creations, to live in a constant state of peace and joy.

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