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Hotline Miami will hit PS4 on Aug. 19

The original Hotline Miami will launch for PlayStation 4 on Aug. 19, developer Dennaton Games announced today in a post on the PlayStation Blog.

The PS4 version of Hotline Miamiannounced in March, will allow player to use the DualShock 4 controller's central touch pad to look around and lock onto enemies. Players can shake the controller to perform execution moves on pinned enemies and the sounds of these execution moves will play through the controller's speakers.

Hotline Miami on PS4 is cross-buy compatible with is PS3 and PS Vita versions — if you own one of these versions already, then you can download Hotline Miami on PS4 at no extra charge.

Hotline Miami first launched in Oct. 2012 for PC and was ported to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in June of last year. A sequel, Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number — which will feature a level editor — is set to launch during the third quarter of this year.

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