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Getting Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare one day early may be the game's best pre-order incentive

Players can get access to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare one day early if they preorder the game as part of the "Day Zero Edition" announced today by Activision.

Those that preorder or purchase any of the game's collector's editions will be able to buy and play the game on Nov. 3. The incentive also gives players double XP for the entire day, two special weapons (the AK-12G assault rifle and Crossbow-B2 energy weapon) and the "advanced arsenal," a custom bullet brass exoskeleton and directed energy weapon, the Quantum EM1, according to the publisher.

There is a catch, or perhaps bit of added marketing: The Day Zero Edition has limited quantities and availability is subject to demand and inventory at retailer locations.

"If Day Zero Edition not is available at retailer, pre-order customer may receive a pre-order refund, or may purchase a launch unit and obtain a code to download all Day Zero Edition special content," according to the press release.

Today's Day Zero announcement hits alongside the first, extensive look at the upcoming game's multiplayer tweaks. Those tweaks include new maps, weapons, double jump exoskeletons, customization loot boxes, a new way to wait for matches and the return of a modified Pick 10 format, now called Pick 13.

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