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A filmmaker is helping to make Quantum Break the most cinematic game Remedy has ever made

Remedy Entertainment has taken dedicated steps to ensure its upcoming transmedia effort Quantum Break will feature cinematic storytelling throughout by hiring a professional filmmaker to work as "cinematography director" on the video game, senior gameplay designer Kyle Rowley confirmed during today's GDC Europe conference attended by Polygon.

The team's cinematography director is a film director by profession but works with Remedy in an advisory role with regards to camera styles, depth of field and other tradition film and television techniques. Using these suggestions, the designers and animators are developing are currently following a style guide that the team hopes will maintain consistency in style between the television series and game itself.

Rowley also mentioned the formation of a "drama team" within the studio featuring a dedicated drama director who will ensure the game will retain its drama across the board. While this can be attained using cut scenes, Rowley confirms that by nature only 15 percent of Remedy games are made up of cinematics. The company is regularly experimenting with ways to tells stories using other methods, using techniques adopted from older media like film and TV.

Announced last year, Microsoft's Phil Spencer describe the game as an a move "to jumpstart this new generation," Microsoft Studios will "create new and original IP for Xbox One. In fact, we have more original titles in development now than at any time in our history."

During some of the game's junction moments, players will actually take control of Paul Serene, letting players make choices from his perspective that affect the show. The TV show episodes will run about 30 minutes in length, and the first season of the show and Quantum Break's game content will all ship at once.

Remedy focused mainly on the interleaving narrative of Quantum Break, speaking little about its actual gameplay.

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