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Exploring Firefall's exotic locales, seemingly endless supply of spiders

Firefall gets you all dressed up without really giving you anywhere to go.

The free-to-play MMO-shooter gets some important stuff right — its got a slick, Tribes-esque locomotion, blending jetpacks and downhill momentum into a fun, twitchy package. The game's tropical setting is eye catching and original. Unfortunately, though it gives you neat ways to move around a neat world, there's not a ton of variety in what your character does in Firefall. Case in point: Nearly every mission I've gone on so far required me to kill spiders (or crabs) to complete a fetch quest. It's a regular Earth Defense Force party up in here.

Check out the Overview video above to see Charlie and I play through a mission in Firefall while trying to find anything, anything with a vertebrae.

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