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Oracle is a beautiful, bizarre, trip to ancient Greece

Oracle, a new small game from ceMelusine heartsu of Glitchhikers fame, lets you interact with a sentient flame — an ancient oracle — that tells the future. Check out the gameplay footage above for something that makes sense out of that statement.

The gameplay is simple. You basically choose prompts, like "stars," or "the air itself" and the oracle will weave a prophecy for you, complete with abstract 3D imagery of trees, wells, hearts, and other appropriately ancient objects.

Oracle is part one of a proposed four game series, the east van EP, and heartsu told me via email that the collection is an attempt to make games that resonate on different levels: "Basically I've decided that games ought to be a bit more like music, so this is me pretending that they are."

I have personally been reading a great deal of classical Greek and Roman mythology lately, so Oracle came at the perfect time for me. As simple as the gameplay is, every time I boot it up, I find myself hypnotized by the atmosphere and the language. There's something about Oracle that feels oddly grand and ancient.

You can grab Oracle now at The game is $2 CAD (about $1.83 US), and will include the other three games in the east van EP as they are released, at no extra charge.

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