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Nintendo created concept art of Link as a woman

Not long ago, Nintendo confirmed that the Zelda series' most mysterious character, Sheik, is a woman. Now we know that the company has toyed with the notion of making series hero Link a woman.

Nintendolife published photos from the Japanese Hyrule Warriors art book yesterday, showing off a page of warriors dressed very much like Link — in green garb, long brown boots, and a green cap, but with a more feminine look. The screens are a bit blurry, but it's not hard to see how the character art looks like a lady Link.

A Japanese-speaking fan in the comments claimed that the caption next to the character art reads "This is Link, if we imagined him as a female."

The newly-released concepts are sure to reignite fan fervor over the possibility of a woman Link in the next Legend of Zelda game. Nintendo's E3 teaser for the new (and as-yet unnamed) game featured a more androgynous looking hero riding a horse, sparking some fans to wonder whether this time around, Link would be a woman. Or, that there would be gender options for players.

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