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Titanfall is getting its third map pack this fall

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Titanfall fans can expect a third map pack to arrive this fall, community manager Abbie Heppe confirmed during today's EA press conference attended by Polygon.

The new DLC pack, IMC Rising, features three new maps that explore new areas of the Titanfall universe. "We've only just begun to explore [this] universe," Heppe said during the presentation.

This follows the release of the Frontier's Edge and Expedition map packs. Frontier's Edge introduced the Dig Site isolated mining outpost, the Haven beach resort and mountainside mining site Export.

Titanfall's first DLC pack, Expedition, launched in May for Xbox One and Windows PC and for Xbox 360 earlier this year. That DLC's story takes place after the multiplayer campaign. One of its maps, called "Swampland," is set among the ruins of "archaic alien technology" and include trees for wall running. A second map called "Runoff" includes water. The third map is called "War Games" and is based in the game's training simulator.

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