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Quantum Break's live-action series will have branching stories to mirror your game

The live-action TV series that will be released alongside Remedy Entertainment's action-adventure game Quantum Break on Xbox One will have alternate scenes that accommodate the choices players make in the game, according to creative director Sam Lake.

Speaking during a demo of the game at Gamescom, Lake said Quantum Break will feature "junctions in time," which are moments where players make choices critical to the game's storyline. For example, there are moments where players will play as the bad guy and, through this, they will see his plans and get a look at different potential futures.

"You as a player get to explore those glimpses, and you get to make the decision as to which future will come to pass," Lake said. "You make that choice, and that is the reality that will happen. Right after that, we go into an episode of the live-action TV show, and the consequences of that come into play in your version of the show. You see that future happening. From that point onwards, the consequences carry on both on the show side and on the game side for the rest of the game."

Lake said the production team working on the live-action show is shooting alternate scenes to ensure all possible outcomes are accounted for. Both the game and live-action series are due to launch in 2015.

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