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World of Warcraft pays tribute to Robin Williams

World of Warcraft creator Blizzard recently paid tribute to the late actor and comedian Robin Williams on Twitter, concluding with "we'll see you in-game."

Williams, age 63, was found dead in his home on Aug. 11. The celebrity was a self-professed player of games such as World of Warcraft and Portal. His son Cody was named for the character in Final Fight, while his daughter, Zelda Williams, was named for The Legend of Zelda's titular princess. Williams and his daughter appeared in several promotions for Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Following his passing, World of Warcraft fans began petitioning for Blizzard to include a non-player character to honor his memory.

"Because of his presence within our community, we the players of World of Warcraft are asking Blizzard to kindly create an NPC within the game that memorializes the actor/comedian," the petition reads. "Many have expressed a wish [that] this character perform some of Williams' best jokes within the Worlds End Tavern, so that he may continue making us smile long after his passing."

Shortly after, when a player asked WoW technical game designer Chadd Nervig if he'd seen the petition, he simply responded with "Yes. We're taking care of it."

Although both tweets suggest fans will get their wish, it's still unclear to what degree. We've contacted Blizzard for comment and will update accordingly.

In game, players remembered Williams with memorials of their own. Twitter user Dylan Hecht posted the following photo, which includes the sentiments of several players gathered at one such memorial.

wow robin williams

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