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Might and Magic Heroes 7 coming to PC in 2015

The next installment in Ubisoft's 20-year-old Might and Magic turn-based strategy series, Might and Magic Heroes 7, will hit Windows PC in 2015, Ubisoft announced today.

In development with Limbic Entertainment, Might and Magic Heroes 7 will set players down in a fantasy world, encouraging them to explore, conquer, trade and take down legendary creatures. The story focuses on a civil war brewing in the Holy Empire following the murder of the Empress. With an empty throne, the council of six advisors working to find an heir and stop the fighting.

In a press statement, Ubisoft promised that Might and Magic Heroes 7 would respect the series' long-standing tradition as well as introduce new features.

By signing up to join the Shadow Council through the Might and Magic Heroes 7 website, players will be able to share ideas for the game. The forum will grant access to developers and allow player to comment on and influence the game's content. Their first task on Shadow Council is to vote for two of the six planned factions for the game.