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This live-action Titanfall short film is about as insane as you'd expect

The latest episode of Titanfall: Free the Frontier, the live-action short film based on Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall, was released today during Gamescom 2014, and it's just as frenetic as the game itself.

Respawn originally announced Free the Frontier shortly before Titanfall's release in March, and put out a brief teaser at the time; a longer segment of footage was released during E3. The studio collaborated with Toronto-based visual effects house Playfight and director William Chang to produce Free the Frontier, and you can see a behind-the-scenes breakdown of the process of making the E3 video here.

Today's video continues past the spot the E3 clip ended. This time, our hero jumps into a Titan of his own, and carnage ensues. For more on Titanfall, check out our full review.

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