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The Unfinished Swan on PS4 is the same experience you'll remember from PS3

The Unfinished Swan will land on the PlayStation 4 largely unchanged from its original edition, Sony Computer Entertainment America associate producer Eric Fong told Polygon during a recent demo of the game.

Developed in 2012 by Giant Sparrow, The Unfinished Swan tells the emotional tale of Monroe, a young boy hunting for a swan that escapes its painting. Monroe stumbles into a strange world filled with white-space; to progress, players lob gobs of paint to color their way.

Armature Studio, the developer behind Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, is working to bring the 1080p, cross-buy title to the PlayStation 4. According to Fong, the team wanted to maintain the balance of the original game and its vision. It's a chance for new players to experience a game they might have missed.

"Even [for] a game like Journey, which had a lot more attention and a lot more buzz around it and awards, there's a large segment of people that never played it," Fong said. "We could have relied on something like PlayStation Now, but at the time the decision was made, that wasn't an option. We knew we wanted to carry over some of these titles that were really near and dear to our hearts to a brand new audience.

"It's already a sharp game," Fong added. "It isn't about visuals, per se, but I think being able to experience it on the PS4 is a pretty cool thing."

During my demo of the game, I found the experience to be exactly what I remembered. I began by wandering through a seemingly endless white space. As I carelessly tossed balls of paint, a room revealed itself. And then, a path. My wanderings were brief. I explored a narrow walkway by a dock and skipped over stones to get across. Eventually, I found myself in a strange castle, where my splatters revealed tall statues.

"This wasn't probably the best candidate to fully use all the options that the PlayStation 4 provides," Fong said, "but I think you will be very happy with what Armature Studio has done with The Unfinished Swan."

For more on The Unfinished Swan, check out our feature on Giant Sparrow creative director Ian Dallas.

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