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Goalies get their day in FIFA 15's latest gameplay trailer

Goalkeeper play in FIFA 15 will be significantly improved over years past, developer EA Canada announced today during publisher Electronic Arts' Gamescom 2014 press briefing, alongside the release of a new trailer.

EA Canada brought in Everton FC goalie Tim Howard, who earned the status of folk hero during this year's World Cup, to do motion-capture work for FIFA 15. According to the studio, goalies now are imbued with better AI that allows them to anticipate shots and passes, and react more realistically to them. Players will see new animations for saves and deflections, and goalies will also play more aggressively, moving around the box. Of course, that also means that attackers may have more chances to score.

FIFA 15's Match Day feature, which ties the game to real-world soccer, has also been upgraded with news provided by in a new hub called Match Day Live. And EA Canada has made tweaks to the career mode to make it easier for players to manage teams. Other areas of improvement include the EA Sports Football Club and the immensely popular FIFA Ultimate Team.

For more on FIFA 15, which launches Sept. 23 in North America and Sept. 26 internationally, check out our recent preview.

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