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Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to stay afloat with over 1M monthly players

Star Wars: The Old Republic continues to draw in players with over 1M users confirmed to log in monthly, EA announced following the game's appearance during a press event attended by Polygon.

This is a positive sign for the game which, just months after its initial launch in late 2011 saw subscribers drop to under 1 million. The game's user base had initially risen to 1.3 million at its height, BioWare previously confirmed.

EA announced that the MMO would adopt a free-to-play model by 2012, with the transition taking place in November of that year. Since then, EA's Frank Gibeau said the game has grown significantly.

"Since it was induced in November, we've added more than 1.7 million new players on the free model to the service," Gibeau said at the time. "And the number of subscriptions has stabilized at just under half a million.

"The really interesting thing that's happening inside the service right now is monthly average revenue for the game has more than doubled since we introduced the free-to-play option. And as we look forward, we're going to continually invest in new content for the service and for players every six weeks or so."

The company previously confirmed the creation of 2 million new accounts following the launch of the massively multiplayer game's free-to-play option. No new statistics regarding the number of current subscribers for the game is available; However, research firm SuperData notes the BioWare game remains in the top five massively multiplayer releases based on worldwide revenue and is said to be hanging in with $165 million in annual revenue.

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