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Activision has 'no plans' to sell Skylanders Trap Team controller separately

Publisher Activision currently has no plans to sell separately the game controller it designed for the Android/Fire/iOS versions of Skylanders Trap Team, a spokesperson told Polygon.

The controller, which was designed specifically for the tablet version of the game, connects to tablets via Bluetooth and comes packaged with the portal on which players place their Skylanders figurines. The bundle, which comes with the full game, toys, portal and controller is priced at $75.

Both the portal and the mobile version of the game work with most existing game controllers designed for tablets that connect via Bluetooth, like the SteelSeries Gaming Controller. The SteelSeries controller, priced at $79.95, currently cost more than the Skylanders-branded controller, portal and game combined. The controller is not necessary for the mobile version of the game, though. Players have the option of using the game's touch-based controls.

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