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Sonic meets his demise in the first minute of this new Sonic Boom trailer

"Not my finest moment," the blue hedgehog narrates as he tumbles down a cliff and we watch his unconscious body get buried until a pile of boulders.

Certainly not, Sonic. Certainly not.

The latest trailer for Sonic Boom, however, seems suggest that the game is the opposite of the hedgehog's lament: a new adventure for Sonic and friends to prove their mettle against an adversary other than their forever-nemesis, the bumbling Dr. Eggman. Borrowing objectives from the Mass Effect series' nefarious Reapers, new villain Lyric — a giant snake in a mech suit, basically — wants to destroy all organic life on earth and replace it with robot people. Robot animals. Robot sentient animals?

The trailer also gives a quick look at Sonic's new makeover, including a new sassy way of talking and a sweet Nathan Drake scarf. We also get a look at how Sonic's familiar friends will appear in Sonic Boom, including Tails, Amy and the new and improved beefcake version of Knuckles.

Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal will launch for Nintendo 3DS on Nov. 11, while the Wii U version Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric will hit Wii U on Nov. 18. An animated Sonic Boom cartoon is set to launch sometime after the games.

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