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Rescuing an elephant egg-bird in a haunted water park in Hohokum

Absurd as that headline may be, it is also completely accurate, and an extremely concise summary of The Hohokum Experience.

It's a game about exploring almost entirely for exploration's sake — which may not be everyone's cup of tea, as our review details. However, for dyed-in-the-wool explorers, Hohokum is an experience really unlike any other. Case in point: Sometimes there are water parks with customers who will hop astride you, and ride you like a slithering, soaring bicycle. Sometimes those water parks are haunted. Sometimes, in their haunted forms, they house endangered elephant egg-bird monsters.

In the Overview video above, Russ and I visit one such water park, revive one such egg-bird ... thing, and then go spelunking with Lucario in a cavernous disco treasure vault.

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